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Luke MathewsLuke Mathews
05:42 29 Sep 23
Feels like a local bike shop should do, the guys know what they are selling have great advice and knowledge. Always feel welcome and they are willing to go the extra mile to help however they can. I have two bikes from there myself and even my little mans balance bike is from there, the children's brand they stock called Woom is a must for your little ones. They even produce their own coffee which is top notch, so even go for a coffee and check out the shop, it is well worth it.
Abelouache EssaidAbelouache Essaid
13:41 28 Sep 23
My experience with Bakira store was not good. Unfortunately, I brought a bike to change the handlebar. I asked about the price. They told me 250 dirhams. I said good. When will you finish the installation? They said, “I returned tomorrow. The second day. They were not finished yet.” They said, “When we finish, we will inform you later.” They called and said that the handlebar I brought is not compatible with the bike. So I came back and gave it to them. A simple solution for installing it. They said, “Come back tomorrow.” After three days, I came back and asked about the price. I was surprised with an invoice for 532 dirhams. I told them, “What is the price?” They said, “We installed some small parts, knowing that I did not receive the old parts that they replaced.” They say, “Frankly, this is the last time I will deal with this store for now.” The price is very high. We must keep the customer because the customer brings with him ten and twenty other customers, of course, if the prices are appropriate. We are talking, brothers, about bikes, not cars. We are sons of this sport and we are aware of what we say, and we have enough experience in this field, which is the reason that made me go to this store. It is close to my house, but this is the last time. A final note, do not install any piece for any customer until you contact him and tell him its price and obtain his approval. Peace be upon you.
mohana ramakrishnanmohana ramakrishnan
14:01 27 Sep 23
Charl and Bane are exceptional in providing their services. They always deliver excellent results with high quality and efficiency. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail are second to none. Both Charles and Benny demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their work, and they never fail to exceed expectations.
Nuhemi HussainNuhemi Hussain
08:00 27 Sep 23
On 31st December 2022, my wife and I decided to purchase our first road bike from a shop in Karama. After riding for a month, we realized the importance of getting our bike fitting done. In my search for affordable options, I stumbled upon Bikeera and spoke to James, who explained the benefits of bike fitting and their reasonable prices. So, we visited Bikeera and were greeted by Charl who assisted me & my wife with the fitting. He then took me around the shop, showcasing their latest bike models and equipment, despite knowing our purpose. This gentleman, Charl, left a lasting impression with his knowledge and trustworthiness. We eventually bought 2 brand new Polygon A8X bikes from Bikeera, thanks to Charl' guidance and support. He has become more than a sales expert to us, but a dear friend and ride buddy. Charl is a rare gem in the showroom industry, always prioritizing customer satisfaction over sales targets. He allowed us to try out the bikes and provided advice whenever needed. His prompt responses and problem-solving skills have earned our trust. As someone who is meticulous about purchases, especially when it comes to a bike worth over 30K, Charl' expertise has been invaluable.Bane, the seemingly unfriendly guy at first, turned out to be an incredible source of knowledge about bikes & bike fitting (Legend in town when it comes to Bike fittings) . As Bikeera became our second home, we returned to get a bike rack. A helpful staff member assisted us in fixing it to our car. However, a week later, Bane noticed that the rack wasn't properly secured. He took it upon himself to remove and reattach it correctly, even though he wasn't involved in the sale. This exemplifies why Bikeera stands out among other bike shops in the UAE. When I wanted to buy new shoes, he didn't just sell me any pair. Instead, he took the time to understand my issue with my current shoes and provide a solution. Bikeera's team truly cares about their customers.Their knowledge and expertise in bike mechanics are truly impressive. Whether it's a simple tune-up or a major repair, Asus and the rest of the workshop guys handle it with precision and care. Our bikes have never looked better after their thorough cleaning and servicing. They go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, always going the extra mile to accommodate our needs. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on them for any bike-related issues. Their dedication and skill make them truly remarkable in their field.Overall, my wife and I are extremely satisfied with Bikeera's team. I would highly recommend this Store for anyone.Note: I have visited all the Bike stores in UAE, I can guarantee the customer service here, you’ll not receive anywhere!
YKD Debiaaa Sa!!!YKD Debiaaa Sa!!!
12:42 22 Sep 23
Jeff AliceJeff Alice
19:06 21 Sep 23
Outstanding one stop bike shop in the city with reasonable price and services.. Shout out to Mr. Joe who gave a helpful tips for a beginner like me.. Very professional man, loaded with knowledge and experiences about bikes.. Will definitely come back to buy bike stuff from this shop.. Thanks👍🏼
Conor ArcherConor Archer
09:21 16 Sep 23
john Harvey (H)john Harvey (H)
19:22 10 Sep 23
Bought on line and arranged for collection- Bikeera obliged- thanks for your help - appreciated!!
Chris CinaChris Cina
09:51 07 Sep 23
Simple site - fast delivery - efficient service
Iveta UpenieceIveta Upeniece
12:55 04 Sep 23
Miss WMiss W
06:59 02 Sep 23
Really helpful staff and super fast delivery!!
Arnold DuqueArnold Duque
13:08 30 Aug 23
Abdulrahman AlsharhanAbdulrahman Alsharhan
12:53 25 Aug 23
Amazing shop!!!!! Super helpful staff!!!! Great products and competitive prices!!!! They always give you the best advice, they never try to sell you anything you don’t need.Nick is my guy, just great!!! from day one he has been very helpful and goes above and beyond 🙏🏼Banni also is a great guy, he is knowledgeable and doesn’t beat around the bushes.Highly recommend this place!
Andrey LepukhovAndrey Lepukhov
07:34 17 Aug 23
mohammed al wahshimohammed al wahshi
14:43 15 Aug 23
Great.. all about bicycles
Inalize OosthuizenInalize Oosthuizen
02:59 07 Aug 23
Quick delivery of items ordered online. Service is always spot on and super friendly!
08:06 05 Aug 23
Amazing team and appreacite how they deal with customers 👏
Emerson ciprianoEmerson cipriano
07:20 26 Jul 23
Purchased tubeless sealant and some energy gel all in good condition when delivered. Good service they will notify you the status of your order. Delivery was fast Good job 🫡 thank you 🙏🏼
rosauro ruizrosauro ruiz
08:09 20 Jul 23
Hey Guys. Doc Gemman serviced my bike. grateful indeed. Thank u brother. big thanks as well to Nick and Kevin for the assistance.Good job mates.
Clement S.Clement S.
11:35 02 Jun 23
Fancy looking bike shop with local bike shop service level, friendly with experienced mechanics! Don’t fret to walk in and get some help! They have a proper coffee machine too. I got my bike quickly checked and greased.They are the authorized distributor for Cippollini, LaPierre, Polygon 🇮🇩 and also other brands. Plenty of bike apparels option too.The team organizes weekly rides around town. Any issues in there, find Bane!
Zhuorui FuZhuorui Fu
12:39 01 Jun 23
They fixed my scooter w ease! Perfect service thank you guys so much!
Will KiddWill Kidd
04:45 20 May 23
Honest review!! These guys are the best, they are so so helpful with anything related to my bike and what is needed. For someone who works in the service industry i must say you guys are killing it! Better that any other! Well done team!!
Vladimir VukelicVladimir Vukelic
10:32 12 May 23
I want to share my massive gratitude and appreciation to the Bikeera shop!Their team is so dedicated, with a very positive vibe within the shop. All the staff are super friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable.Big congrats to the mechanics at the workshop; those guys are serious professionals and top-level mechanics. They sorted my problem so smoothly and in a very short turnaround time.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, BIKEERA!
Abdulaziz AlmodahkaAbdulaziz Almodahka
09:54 25 Mar 23
Visited Bikeera early February and found a bikers paradise with a great choice of quality bikes and accessories especially the Stromer bicycle range . I am now the proud owner of a Stromer ST2 in Royal blue with the 120 km battery pack .Best wishes to the friendly and helpful team at Bikeera 👍🏽
Clare MoukabaaClare Moukabaa
11:06 08 Jan 23
Went in to get a new bike for my daughter.Very professional service. She was allowed to test drive some bikes which made it easier to choose.Great advice on how to maintain the bike and reasonable prices.I can highly recommend going here for starter and professional bikes. Might go buy myself a new bike now!
Gawie BothaGawie Botha
08:07 30 Dec 22
Got a great deal on my first road bike. Staff's really helpful and friendly. Impressed with how they look after their customers. Got served some good coffee while browsing as well. Hope to see a branch open in Abu Dhabi soon!
Hammad HafeezHammad Hafeez
17:21 24 Oct 22
Was recommended this place by a colleague, was refered to Bane in particular.From convincing me to getting an awesome bike to fitting and guiding through the entire journey of a new cyclist.Bikeera is awesome and every member of staff there deserve appreciation!
Reynaldo BilawReynaldo Bilaw
06:33 12 Oct 22
I will remember that day Tuesday 11th October 2022, instant delivery in a heavy traffic area along Maydhan road at District one, still made to hand over at 7:30pm my new road bike Lapierre Aircode drs 8. Awesome services made by Mr. Joe Bacero, and will give kudos to Mr. Bane for special treatment on bike fitting, you treat your customer in a professional way. The bike was perfectly fit. Thanks to all staff that looking after. Cheers.
06:10 05 Oct 22