A bike fit can advise the correct bike size, recommend the best possible saddle, set up your shoe cleats accurately or provide guidance on the best possible saddle height, setback or saddle to handlebar drop for your riding style. More advanced bike fits can also include analysis of your cycling position in motion and your pedaling stroke to establish how you can optimize your position for an increased power output or a greater level of comfort on the bike.

Depending on the type of bike fit you get, it can take between 1 minute and a few hours and provide you with a simple personalized advice on the best bike size, recommended changes to improve your comfort, give you a specific diagram of the optimal personal set up for a particular bike, or deliver a detailed report on your pedaling stroke.

Full Dynamic Bike Fit
AED 700 2 Hrs
Comprehensive fitting service utilizing our 3D Motion Analyzer system powered by Shimano.
Dynamic adjustments catered to your riding style, enhancing comfort and performance.
(Rider Assessment, Physical Assessment, Rider Static Measurement, Dynamic Fit and Bike Adjustment / Documentation)
Static Bike Fit
AED 400 1 Hr
We gather your body measurements and configure your bicycle to optimize comfort and posture.
This includes assessing rider metrics such as body height, shoulder width, foot size, leg and arm length, along with making precise adjustments to cleat placement, saddle positioning, and stack and reach parameters.
(Rider Assessment, Physical Assessment, Rider Static Measurement, Bike Adjustment / Documentation)
Saddle Mapping and saddle selection
AED 300 30mins to 1 Hr
Harnessing cutting-edge technology from Velometric for precise saddle mapping.
In-depth analysis of your riding posture and pressure points using advanced sensors.
Tailored recommendations for the perfect saddle, taking into account your unique anatomy and riding dynamics.
Basic Saddle selection
AED 60 15mins
Simplified assessment to ensure a suitable and comfortable saddle choice.
(Free when purchasing a saddle from Bikeera)
Cleat placement and adjustment
AED 60 20mins
Precision adjustment of cleats for optimal foot position on pedals.
Enhances pedaling efficiency and minimizes discomfort improving power transfer.
(Free when purchasing shoes and pedals together from Bikeera)

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