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Christmas Gifts

Every year, there is always a certain gadget that gets sold out of every store shelf in a bat of an eye. Shoppers hurry to get the most popular presents. Regardless if you’re an adult or a child, everyone enjoys a great gift. We are here to guide you through choosing the hottest gifts to purchase this season.

As we all know Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! And what is a better way of expressing your love to someone other than buying them a gift that they can enjoy anduse in their daily life activities? Bicycles. Yes, you read that correctly as we will further explain why bikes are the perfect Christmas gift. Bicycles are the best Christmas presents this year because, imagine the look on your loved ones faces when they see that they got a bike for Christmas. Moreover, it has many benefits regarding health, for instance, riding bicycles is healthy, fun and suitable as a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Also, it is a reliable transportation device since it is an easy yet important part of daily life routines because you can ride to shops, parks, school and work. Not to mention, cycling helps to build a great bond between family members you can use it as a family activity since you can go on adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

As children each one of us has dreamt to own a bicycle and learn how to ride it. Cycling for children is important because it not only improves physical fitness, but also benefits them in developing their character and maintaining a healthy mind, in addition to the child having the curiosity to explore the world around him freely. Most children continue their passion of cycling into adulthood meaning that they evolve their skills in riding which leads to transforming from kid bicycles to regular bicycles and then to racing bicycles. What is the difference between kid bicycles, regular bicycles, and racing bicycles? Kid bicycles are made for riding longer distances at higher speeds.
Regular bicycles are meant to ride off-road and aren’t very suitable for long distances.

Lastly, racing bikes, the type every passionate cyclist love, come in the shape of low handlebars, long top tube, and a flat-back stretched position. Its light weight and aerodynamics give the rider the ability to maintain very high speed.Cycling has become very popular due to many factors that allowed people to engage more in it especially in countries like UAE that is a hub for cycling since it initiates events that support cycling activities. For example, Bike Abu Dhabi Festival which was also labelled as “bike city” according to Urban Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is one of the most famous cycling events to happen in UAE. It hosts these events for both amateur and professional cyclists. Owning bicycle is cool and the most important part of owning it are the fun gadgets that come with it such as , helmets, glasses, and lighting. There is nothing a cyclist loves more than being gifted new accessories for their bicycle. For example, a helmet is the most essential accessory to own as a cyclist because it protects the head. Another cool one that you MUST own is UV rays’ protection glasses that will ensure unrestricted field of vision from the beginning of the ride till the end.

Moreover, lights are important for cycling especially at night because their job is to make you visible and elucidate the road. Overall, impressing your loved ones with the best Christmas gift is a sign of appreciation and we hope that we have helped you find the perfect one for this season.


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