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Woom Original 3 Automagic

Brands: Woom


4yrs – 6yrs (105cm – 120cm)



Frame material: light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminium with butted tubes



16″ wheels

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Woom Original 3 Automagic

Brands: Woom

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                       Shift as if by magic

Bike-loving children aged between four and six will adore the Woom ORIGINAL 3 AUTOMAGIC. As a speed-sensitive two-gear bike, the first gear allows them to ride easier uphill, while the second gear lets them go faster and pedal more comfortably on the flat without spinning out. And the best part of all? It changes up and down automatically – the gear selected is based on the rider’s speed, without requiring any manual shifting. It’s magic. AUTOMAGIC!


Automatic two-speed hub gearing

When the rider reaches a speed of around 11 km/h, the hub gearing shifts automatically into the higher gear. This means your child gets the benefit of gears without having to negotiate the complexities of shifting – and you don’t have to worry about extra servicing. The gearing is tucked away inside the hub, making it among the most low-maintenance and hard-wearing out there. Win-win!

Child-specific Hand-Operated Brakes

The two V-Brakes are easy to operate thanks to their ergonomically adapted brake levers with reach adjustability. The levers require only little strength to bring the bike to a safe halt.

Individually adjustable Vario stem

With the flexibility of the adjustable Vario stem, you can set not only the height of the bike but also its length to suit the rider. This means the bike grows with your child to ensure an optimal riding position at all times.

Cranks with a narrow Q-factor

The crank length and distance between the pedals are ergonomically adapted to fit children’s bodies. This results in an optimum stance and very natural movements. And thanks to the chain guard ring those days of getting your trouser leg caught are over!

Maintenance-friendly chainguard

The one-piece chainguard teams a sophisticated and stylish design with a compact and hard-wearing construction. The design keeps your child free from chain oil and chain-related injuries, plus gives you easy access to service the chain thanks to its upper-only form.

Practical quick-release skewer

Quick-release skewers make installing and removing the wheels from the frame a quick and easy job. Having the wheels out of the frame makes it much easier to transport the bike in a car. And a quick removal and installation of the wheels is also super helpful if you get a flat tyre.

Ergonomically formed saddle

The saddle is one of the most important points of contact between the child and the bike. It significantly affects the feeling when riding. That is why our saddle is designed to fit the pelvis of children in this age group and give them a slightly stretched-out riding position. Perfect for a unique riding experience!

Practical quick-release seatpost clamp

The quick-release seatpost clamp offers a simple, quick and tool-free way to adjust the saddle height. It’s even easy enough to be operated by children. On your pedals, ready, go!

Grippy, low-resistance tyres

Tyres have a major influence on how a bike rides. That is why for our bikes we have chosen tyres that can be used for a broad variety of terrain. Whether you child is riding on tarmac, gravel or dirt, our lightweight tyres will ensure maximum grip in any weather and on any surface, whether your child is riding straight or making turns.

Smartly engineered wheels

A bike needs really good wheels to get rolling. So that’s exactly what we’ve given our bikes. What makes a woom wheel so unique is the sum of its parts: from its smooth-rolling hub to its high-quality stainless steel spokes and our exclusive rims, which we call the SOOPA DOOPA HOOPS.


Anniversary Red, FLAME ORANGE, Purple Haze, Sky Blue, Sunny Yellow, Woom Red


Handlebar height

700 mm (27.56″)

Steering angle


Horizontal top tube length

399 mm (15.7″)


705 mm (28.8″)

Seat tube angle


Min. saddle height

485 mm (19.3″)

Max. saddle height

635 mm (25″)

Crank arm length

95 mm (3.7″)

Handlebar adjustment


Stand-over height

420 mm (16.5″)


4yrs – 6yrs (105cm – 120cm)


Frame material: light, high-quality AA 6061 aluminium with butted tubes


16″ wheels

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