Stromer Smart Helmet M

Brands: Stromer
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Stromer Smart Helmet M

Brands: Stromer

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The Smart Helmet connects to your Stromer and activates the light effect of a brake light on the helmet when you brake.

  • Front and rear light for better visibility (500 lumen)
  • Automatic brake light transmission
  • RGB LEDs that can be triggered via Stromer OMNI app
  • Mips technology
  • Emergency system in the event of crash (if activated via separate FARO app)
  • Magnetic clip


Improve your safety

The Smart Helmet connects to your Stromer and activates the light effect of a brake light on the helmet when you brake.

The modern lighting system, as well as the life-saving tech, are fully integrated for a sleek design. Made from the finest refined materials, this helmet is the perfect blend of safety and style and is scratch-, dust- and water resistant.



The first line of defense when it comes to Safety is visibility. The Stromer Smart helmet by Unit1 has three light elements fully integrated into the design that are seen at eye-level (instead of the handlebar level).


We developed a unique fabric that is eater, dust & UV-proof BUT let’s light through. The result is a light you can only see when it’s on that has a unique, mesmerizing effect. The Hidden light is also fully programmable and supports customs animations and color change.


Equipped with accelerometers, the Smart Helmet can detect a hard fall. If the rider is unresponsive, the helmet will send out and SOS text to pre-determined emergency contact, including the rider’s location.


The ventilation system has two hidden air inlets (just above the eyes), two large vents on the top and one large vent on the back. This creates internal airflow front-to-back as the rider moves forward, sucking cold air in and expelling hot air.


What does MIPS do? It allows the helmet to rotate slightly during a rotational impact, absorbing extra energy and increasing protection to your brain.


With an IPX-6 waterproof rating, the electronics are fully sealed. The fabric liner is also treated with a water-repellent coating, so it does not get wet.


The Fidlock magnetic buckle enables single-hand operation and makes it super easy to put on and take off the helmet. The buckle itself is stronger than traditional buckles, withstanding up-to 65kg of force.


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