Sponser High Energy Apricot/vanilla 45g

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Sponser High Energy Apricot/vanilla 45g


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HIGH ENERGY BAR, the high-quality cereal bar from Sponser®, provides fast and long-lasting energy for top athletic performance!

The energy bar consists of short-, medium- and long-chain carbohydrates and thus provides a staggered energy supply. Depending on the taste, the added milk protein provides 7-9% protein, which is especially beneficial for the muscles during long endurance efforts.

The pre-gelatinised oat raw materials make HIGH ENERGY BAR easily digestible, so that it is optimally tolerated even under high-intensity exercise. The energy bar is additionally enriched with medium-chain fatty acids (MCT) from coconut and rapeseed oil, which provide additional, easily digestible energy. For years, HIGH ENERGY BAR has been well established among numerous top long-distance athletes who are also dependent on solid food during competition. Especially cyclists and triathletes.

Suitable for providing energy immediately before, during or after physical performance. To be used depending on intensity and individual tolerance. Also suitable as a carbohydrate-rich snack in everyday life.


100 g

1 bar

energy kJ (kcal)

1597 (378)

717 (170)


7.3 g

3.3 g

of which saturates (incl. MCT1)

5.9 g

2.7 g


68 g

31 g

of which sugars

25 g

11 g


3.4 g

1.5 g


7.9 g

3.5 g


0.25 g

0.13 g

per 100 g (45 g): Natrium/sodium 100 mg (50 mg), MCT1 5.7 g (2.6 g)
1MCT: medium-chain fatty acids

Fructose-glucose syrup, glucose syrup, rice crisp (rice, wheat malt, glucose, sugar, salt), oatbran 14%, maltodextrin, dried apricots 6% (contains sulphite), coconut and rapeseed oil 5.7% (MCT1), milk protein (contains lactose), oatflakes 4.3%, potatoe starch, flavour, acidulant citric acid. May contain traces of soyaand nuts.

High Energy bar with oat and oat branch for athletes. Apricot-vanilla flavoured.

Developed and produced in Switzerland.


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