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Ceramicspeed Ospw Shimano 9200/r8100 Series Gold Coated

Brands: Ceramicspeed
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Ceramicspeed Ospw Shimano 9200/r8100 Series Gold Coated

Brands: Ceramicspeed

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The Oversized Pulley Wheel System from CERAMICSPEED is the logical consequence of minimizing friction. The large derailleur pulleys with 13 teeth at the top and 19 teeth at the bottom significantly minimize the movement of the chain links when running through the cage , which is reflected in less friction. In addition, the larger rear derailleur rollers offer a longer service life than other commercially available systems.

Technically, the OSPW system is equipped with handcrafted high-performance bearings and special ceramic balls made of third-grade silicon nitrite (the best grade achieved for ceramic bearings). The ball bearing cage is made of reinforced polyamide, with a hardened steel race and polished groove. The CERAMICSPEED bearing balls are 15% harder, 100% more flexible and 99% more resilient than standard ceramic balls. CERAMICSPEED bearings are considered to be the best ceramic bearings worldwide.

The bearing cage is made of carbon fibers reinforced with polyamide so that the forces can be better distributed and absorbed and your rear derailleur works perfectly even in the most adverse conditions.

CeramicSpeed only uses the best materials and the latest technologies in production in order to always achieve the highest possible quality. All products are handmade in Denmark. No hydraulic presses are used during assembly. Manual assembly eliminates manufacturing tolerances and always guarantees a 100% fit. So that you really only use the best on your bike!

Please note that while there are visual similarities between the Dura Ace 9100 and 9200 OSPW systems, they are not compatible with each other. When mounting on a rear derailleur of the Ultegra 8100 series, the factory-installed washer is used between the base body and the OSPW system. The supplied washer must be used with Shimano’s Dura Ace 9200 series.

Coated version
Compared to the already high-quality standard bearings from CeramicSpeed, the “coated” version has a wafer-thin protective layer applied to the bearing rings. This makes them even harder, and more corrosion-resistant and their life cycle is extended by a further 60%.

Maintenance: It is important to properly lubricate the bearings to maintain performance and longevity. Simply apply oil to the bearing seals, allowing the oil to penetrate the bearing. Do this each time you lubricate the chain, after washing the bike, and after riding in wet/muddy conditions.

IMPORTANT: When traveling, please remember to dismantle the entire rear derailleur with an Allen key, as very few bicycle transport bags offer enough space for the OSPW system.

Technical specifications:

Area of intended use : Road, Triathlon, Ranndoneur
Material cage: carbon, polyamide
Material bearing: polyamide, steel, ceramic
Material wheels: aluminum
Bearing: ceramic, coated
Number of teeth: 13/19 (top/bottom)
Compatibility: Dura Ace 9100/9150 / Ultegra 8100 and Ultegra 8000 SS/8050 SS (Di2), NOT for version with GS cage
largest sprocket: 32 teeth
Colour: black, carbon

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