Do you want to champion sustainability, Reduce carbon footprint , cut pollution, and alleviate traffic through our innovative mobility solutions.

Empower Your Employees with Sustainable Mobility 🚴⚡️🛴⚡

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    Promoting the use of electric bicycles within your company is the quickest way to generate higher profitability whilst meeting your sustainability goals. Here's why…


    Quantitative Benefit

    Company Overall Benefits

    • Sustainability & CSR
    • Employee Well-being
    • Cost Savings
    • Innovation & Image
    • Reduced Traffic Congestion
    • Lower carbon footprint: Up to 50 kg CO2 saved per 100km Potential 20%+ productivity increase
    • Save thousands on transportation costs
    • Enhanced brand perception and innovation image
    • Improved accessibility and reduced congestion


    Quantitative Benefit

    Team Benefits

    • Employee Attraction & Retention
    • Health and Wellness
    • Flexibility & Commute Options
    • Reduced Parking Demand
    • Inclusive Commuting
    • 15% increase in employee retention
    • Reduced absenteeism: Up to 1.5 fewer sick days per year
    • 30% reduction in commute-related stress
    • 20% reduction in parking space requirements
    • Enhanced accessibility for all employees


    Quantitative Benefit

    Technology Benefits

    • Integration with SmartSystems
    • E-Mobility Solutions
    • Sensors and Safety
    • Data-Driven Decision Making
    • Innovation Hub
    • Data-driven decision-making for transportation optimization
    • Potential for partnerships and innovation in e-mobility
    • Enhanced safety features for employees
    • Optimize routes and operational costs
    • Position the company as an innovation leader


    Quantitative Benefit

    Marketing Benefits

    • Marketing Sustainable Story
    • Corporate Social
    • Responsibility
    • Employee Stories
    • Local Community Engagement
    • Customer Experience
    • E-bike initiatives as a sustainable and eco-friendly option
    • Positive image and reputation for CSR
    • Compelling narratives to showcase employee well-being
    • Align with local sustainability initiatives
    • Enhanced customer interactions and service quality


    Quantitative Benefit

    Financial Benefits

    • Cost Reduction
    • Tax Incentives
    • ROI on Health
    • Reduced Overheads
    • Long-term Sustainability
    • Estimated 30% reduction in transportation costs
    • Potential tax savings through. Leasing Programs available at Bikeera.
    • Return on investment due to reduced healthcare costs
    • Savings on parking space
    • Long-term financial sustainability and cost-effectiveness.


    Reasons to Promote E-Bike Use in GCC


    1. Ideal Weather Conditions
    2. Flat Terrain
    3. Modern Infrastructure
    4. Reduced Traffic Congestion
    5. Short to Medium Commute Distances
    6. Supportive Government Initiatives
    7. Environmental Awareness
    8. Parking Accessibility
    9. Employee Well-being
    10. Cost Savings
    • GCC sunny climate makes e-bike use convenient. Weather is very suitable around 8 month per year.
    • GCC flat landscape facilitates effortless e-bike rides.
    • GCC well-developed cycling lanes and road networks promote e-bike accessibility.
    • E-bikes provide a solution to traffic congestion in urban areas.
    • E-bikes are practical for commuting to nearby work or residential areas.
    • Dubai’s government actively supports sustainable transport, including e-bikes with 850km of cycling tracks within the city.
    • E-bike use aligns with the GCC commitment to sustainability.
    • E-bikes require less parking space, easing the strain on parking infrastructure.
    • Promoting e-bike use improves employee health and wellness.
    • E-bike commuting offers cost savings for both the company and employees.




    1. Community Building

    Engaging group rides with diverse themes Charitable events and local partnerships

    2. Sustainability Leadership

    Use of eco-friendly materials
    Collaboration with local sustainability orgs. For Every Cup of Bikeera Coffee, Bikeera Support the farmers in Rwanda to Collect Coffee beans in a sustainable way.
    Educational events on environmental awareness

    3. Comprehensive Maintenance

    Beyond basic repairs to regular check-ups
    Performance enhancements and customizations

    4. Personalized After Sales Support

    Dedicated account managers, that offers solutions and products for all budgets and needs.
    Tailored solutions for each corporate partner

    5. Employee Well-being Ecosystem

    Partnerships with local gyms and wellness programs
    Nutritional guidance and holistic health support

    6. Cost-Efficiency and Sustainability Synergy

    Combines cost savings with sustainability initiatives
    Promotes an eco-conscious corporate culture

    Do you want to do a big impact ahead of COP28 ?

    Do you want to Elevate your organizational health, skyrocket productivity, and retain top talent?

    Do you want to champion sustainability, Reduce carbon footprint , cut pollution, and alleviate traffic through our innovative mobility solutions.

    From thrilling community rides to seamless leasing of bikes and e-bikes, we offer an all-encompassing, vibrant mobility experience.

    We offer premium electric and mechanical bicycle brands from around the world, both in-store as well as online. We aim to deliver a holistic enjoyable experience for all commuters and cyclists out there to revolutionize their daily commuting activities so we can pave the way to sustainable mobility together.

    We are the exclusive distributors of e-bicycles & bicycles across the middle east covering city, road, foldable, MTB, gravel and kids bicycles categories.

    Our facility is located on Umm Suqeim, it’s a bicycle haven of more than 4,300 square feet where you can enjoy sipping on your coffee, shopping for bicycles, gear accessories as well as servicing your bicycle.

    You can also easily shop online and get your items delivered to your front porch, we’ve got you covered!

    Join us in propelling a movement towards sustainable mobility. Together, let’s pedal into a cleaner, greener future.

    Connect with Bikeera’s mobility experts NOW and become a catalyst for change!

    Bikeera Bicycle Store’s unique qualities set it apart from competitors byoffering a holistic, community-driven, and sustainability-focused approach to corporate partnerships.

    UAE & Saudi Arabia leading the movement towards sustainability

    The UAE and Saudi Arabia are setting an inspiring example for a sustainable future in the GCC region.

    By placing a significant emphasis on the importance of cycling and actively investing in dedicated cycling tracks and infrastructure, they are promoting eco-friendly transportation and a healthier lifestyle. This forward-thinking approach not only reduces carbon emissions but also fosters a sense of community and well-being.

    As these nations lead the way, it’s clear that a greener and more sustainable future is within reach for the entire region.

    Abu Dhabi Cycling Tracks

    Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman Cycling Tracks

    Al Ain Cycling Tracks

    Al Dhafra (Western Region) Cycling Tracks

    Saudi Arabia Sports Boulevard has 8 diverse districts, each representing its individual design through pathways and trails, giving a unique experience.

    These districts present an exceptional chance to enhance pursuing healthy lifestyles and the provision of a variety of entertainment in a contemporary and attractive model